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Anita Cheesman was born abroad while her father served in the US Navy. While she was still an infant, her family was transferred to San Diego where she was raised and has been living ever since. Dogs have always been a part of her life and when she was a child she loved teaching them tricks using little bits of cheese.

 Anita graduated from UCSD with a degree in psychology, the study of behavior. This served her well after she received her teaching credential and began working with elementary and middle school students. Classroom management was much easier when the students were acknowledged and rewarded for their good behavior instead of only noticed for inappropriate things. Anita feels it’s important to positively motivate whoever you are working with, whether it is children or dogs, so that they enjoy the process and are willing to work with you.

Living so close to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, she always dreamed of a job training animals. In 2002, Anita and her husband expanded their family to include a Rat Terrier puppy named Indigo. Indi was quickly signed up for puppy and obedience classes and Anita discovered where her true passion laid.

In 2003, Anita began assisting in puppy kindergarten, basic obedience, and advanced obedience classes and then progressed to teaching her own classes, which now include Rally Obedience and K9 Nose Work.

In her spare time, she is a Girl Scout leader for her daughter's troop, enjoys snuggling her 14 year old Rat Terrier, and trains and competes with Porter, her Flat-coated Retriever, in K9 Nose Work and agility. Anita manages to squeeze some time in there for her husband as well.

Anita is always continuing her education and keeping up to date on new training theories. She regularly attends conferences and seminars held throughout the nation.

She is a Certified Nose Work Instructor, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, an NASCW ORT Judge and Certify Official, and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Her nose work clients have earned over 27 titles, including Porter's NW3 Elite.

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